Carnival Legend Cruise Ship Redefines Cruising Experience

Carnival Legend Cruise ship

Carnival Legend Cruise ship. Credit: Carnival Corporation

Legends are pure magic, the root function of lots of hard work and patience, and cruise-lovers know that this cruise-name deserves the nameplate.

The Carnival Legend, the Spirit-class cruise ship is featured with an 88,500 gross tonnage, and is 963 ft (294 m), and has a beam of 105.6 ft (32.2m), with a capacity of a 930-onboard crew. What are the most-exciting secrets? Here’s a preview.

The cruise ship houses the RedFrog Pub that features a mythical mascot and serves scintillating drinks in the backdrop of the Caribbean atmosphere. Cruise-lovers would love the Green Thunder waterslide or the SkyRide, an exciting riding experience analogous to biking, whereas foodies can look forward to the Bonsai Sushi, where one can indulge in the delicacies of the sea. Apart from which, the Coffee Bar is the place to be for freshly-brewed tea and coffee over some delicious homemade pastries. And, kids would love the kids-food-options like spaghetti and meatballs, hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, and the pretty exciting dessert-options like banana splits.

A Carnival Legend suite

A Carnival Legend suite. Credit: Carnival Corporation.

The cruise ship reportedly pays tribute to some of the most enduring legends through the ages and also features classic Carnival Legend favourites. Looking for more? Then, head to the Camelot and Avalon pools, or take-a-fortune-dig at the Club Merlin Casino. The gourmet-corner will leave cruise-lovers vying for more at the Truffles Restaurant, the Lido Deck’s Uniform Cafe, and the Golden Fleece Steakhouse.

The vacation experience is further enhanced with the classic-music-performance at the Billie’s Piano Bar. And, the Lip Sync Battle is the place for groove-indulgence, and for movie-buffs, the IMAX Theatre would offer a brief escape with some hit films and IMAX documentaries. The confines of the Carnival Staterooms make perfect rooms featured with relaxation and have the added perks of room service, and a room steward on duty. This is one legendary-experience that cruise-lovers can definitely look forward to.

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