Staying on the Cruise Ship When in Port More Exciting – Here’s Why?

Royal Caribbean Sisters

Royal Caribbean Sisters. Credit: Flickr/Woody Hibbard

Staying onboard during a port of call could be super-cool. While many cruisers choose to stay back as they wish to catch up on R&R, some others who are frequent-cruisers may have already explored the port. Especially, when one takes the Caribbean cruises, one may stop often at Cozumel or St. Thomas. So, if you are contemplating staying onboard, then here’s why you would love to do it.Get Pampered With R&R
Exploring the port may have an action-packed itinerary. So, imagine getting up late instead, catching the few extra well-needed hours of sleep. Lounge around the cabin, and claim the lounge chair, basking in the sun.

Enticing Spa Pricing
The spa pricing gets really enticing, with some big discounts on port days. The ships offer diverse treatments with as much as 40% off regular pricing. A little pampering for a reasonable price can be a super-catch.

Skip Long Lines At Buffet
Imagine strolling leisurely, skipping long lines to get your share of poolside grill or enjoying a quick buffet-service. It feels good to take the advantage of a port-day, and savour not having to wait.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean. Credit: Flickr/Kevin Nguyen-Tu

Explore the Ship
Take a moment to absorb the calm and explore the ship free of crowds. It would be nice to visit the fitness centre to try the jogging track. Also, this is a wonderful time to explore the shops, casinos, or just stroll around the decks.

Splash Around the Pool
Catching empty pools can be pretty inviting. Swim laps as often as you’d wish, or relax on the sun lounger, enjoying a good book.

Get Laundry in a Jiffy
The laundry room would be pretty much empty. So, grab the opportunity to throw a load in. One can imagine how quickly children’s clothes get messy, so getting a machine quickly, is bliss.

Make New Crew Friends
A full port day is a wonderful opportunity to bond with fellow cruisers who stay onboard.

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