Explore Space-aged Superyacht Concept, MY Roswell

Imagine a futuristic superyacht and out of this world, a vessel that makes you think of a ‘spaceship’ and feels inspired by radar-dodging military stealth planes. Monaco-based superyacht designer, George Lucian curated his latest yacht concept, the MY Roswell, which is based on the famous Roswell UFO.

Lucian is the man behind superyacht concepts like ‘Dare to Dream’ and the 100m sailing concept Project Origami. The new concept is a jaw-dropping vessel, an all-aluminium 65m superyacht that has a futuristic design. The MY Roswell is impressively technical both inside and outside, and is designed to have full electric running capabilities, and is supported by two diesel-electric engines, which is suitable for longer cruises. And, the large electric panels are said to cover the many horizontal surfaces of the vessel.

The first look resembles a space-aged, military stealth craft, which has a reflective hull surface, distinctive patterns, and sharp angles making the yacht have a discrete radar footprint. The features are designed to elude detection. In the context of the amenity list, on the bow side of the main deck, there is a huge outdoor covered living area inclusive of a beam-length swimming pool, a dining area, and a lounge. The main living area is said to be connected to the main salon. And, also connects the stern deck, which has large glass doors and walls. The design of the deck gives the feeling of abundant loft-like space and offers plenty of light. A bridge is situated on the upper deck, along with a sky lounge, and a helicopter platform. The spaced-aged vessel can house 12 guests and 12 crew members.

Lucian reportedly only offers the superyacht’s general measurements and descriptions, which includes the length, the propulsion mechanics, structural components, and the crew capacities and passenger. In the case a buyer would wish to build the Roswell then the details would be tailored to suit the owner.

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