The Gallant 70m Ice Class Explorer Yacht Project Ida Pfeiffer

Globe Regal Yachting developed an opulent and adventurous superyacht in conjunction with New York design studio, Gill Schmid Design, and Northern Germany-based D̦rries Yachts. The latest state-of-the-art 70m explorer named IDA PFEIFFER is a homage to the adventurous spirit of the pioneering Australian female globetrotter Ida Laura Pfeiffer (1797 Р1858).

The 19th-century explorer and author Ida Laura Pfeiffer who was a member of geographical societies in Paris and Berlin published her travel journals and her bestselling books were translated into seven languages. The inspiration and passion that she radiated are deeply embedded in one of the finest ice-class vessels by the most accomplished yacht builders.

The 70m (230 ft) long vessel Ida Pfeiffer has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure and would be driven by diesel-electric propulsion. She has a beam of 12.75m (41.83 ft) and would draw 3.75m (12.3 ft), which would allow her to operate in relatively shallow waters. The blunt bow that is designed would make it better for ice-handling, and the aluminium superstructure boasts of a helipad with a telescoping hangar, which would protect the aircraft in rough weather. She is expected to cruise in some of the coldest waters on the planet.

The long-range vessel would be able to cover more than 7000 miles (11,200 km) in fully stabilized comfort. And, she would carry an array of tenders to include an H135 helicopter with a hangar, 2x 14-meter tenders together with 2x rescue boats. Also, included would be a 1x dive support boat, a Triton submarine, and an Icon waterplane and up to two cars. The vessel would also have a side launching garage and a large A-frame crane.

When it comes to interiors, she would be equipped with seven guest cabins, an owner’s suite, crew quarters, captain’s suite, numerous lounges, and an upper-deck Jacuzzi. She would even have provisions for separate guest and crew ladders for going between the decks.

The audacious spirit and lavish amenities make the Ida Pfeiffer a vessel poised to be a popular charter yacht.


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