Explore the Safest Cruise Destinations in the World

Travelling around the world is a wonderful feeling, but at the heart, safety should always be a top priority. A safe cruising expedition will ensure that you not only enjoy the scenic beauty of the destinations but also have a hassle-free travel.

Here’s a quick preview on the safest and most scenic cruise destinations in the world.

Baltic Nations

Countries in the Baltic such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are quite progressive and also immune from gun violence. The countries enjoy extended daylight areas in the summer and also have safe downtowns. The attractions are astounding and if you are seeking a safe cruising destination then this one must be added to your bucket list.

New Zealand

The country ranks No. 4 as the most peaceful as per the Global Peace Index (an annual report put out by the non-profit Vision of Humanity), just behind Iceland, Denmark, and Austria. Apart from which, the country is also one of the least corrupt countries, according to the non-profit Transparency International. The Kiwi cities are quaint, enchanting and the cruising destination will be adventurous, memorable, and safe for cruisers.


A cruising trip to Japan will definitely be hassle-free. Tokyo is ranked as one of the safest city in the world as per the English weekly newspaper, The Economist. Apart from which, gun ownership is against the law and the police are also prohibited from carrying firearms off duty. And, cruisers will feel safe on a cruise excursion or city tour.

Private Cruise Line Islands

Caribbean: Are you concerned about safety on your cruise trip, then the cruise line private islands – Caribbean is your answer. The Caribbean enjoys sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, and also has poverty on the region’s islands, which could have occasional crimes against cruisers. However, the private cruise line islands can have your cruising group within its own bubble of shoreline, cabanas, and activities.

Get ready to be on the safest cruising destination of your choice and have a memorable trip.

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