Best Time to Cruise Popular Destinations

Do you want to cruise to some of the most popular destinations? How about sailing at cheap fares and also at the best times? If you are wondering, how to strike this balance, then relax we’ve rounded up a quick preview of when you should cruise to some of the most popular destinations.


The mesmerizing beauty of Alaska, spotting wildlife, and a long-shot of wanting to see the northern lights must place this destination on your must-cruise list. Ships usually traverse Alaska between late April and September. If you are wondering what would be the best time to cruise this destination, then try the warm weather of months between June through August. Apart from which, April and May are also considered the driest months of the Alaska cruise season.


Caribbean sea

Credit: Pixabay

Up next, if you have the Caribbean on your list then you’d be happy to know that you could sail all year-round. What’s the best time to cruise? Try cruising when it’s cold in the Northern Hemisphere. December through April is usually dry in the islands. And, if you are looking for cheap fares then you can look out for cruising around late summer and fall as it is the hurricane season. Also, you can enjoy some bargain sailings during the early weeks of December and in the spring.


You’d love cruising to Bermuda and the best time would be to sail from April through mid-November, which is also the beach season. Most cruisers prefer travelling during the summer months, which may make the fares slightly expensive. However, you may find some great deals on fall and spring departures (September through November and April through early June).


Another popular cruising hotspot is Hawaii and if you are planning to explore the islands you can go year-round. The best time to head to Hawaii is during the summer and early fall when islands have less rainfall. And, for cheap fares cruise from November through February.

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