Best Summer Sailing Destinations in the USA

The best time to think of sailing in the United States would be summer, where you can get up close with nature, go snorkelling, and more. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful places to go sailing in the United States for you.

Maui, Hawaii

With snorkelling, sunset cruises, and plenty of aquatic life around – you can look forward to all this more on your sailing stint at Maui. This sailing destination is considered as one of the most exciting places in the United States. As you sail you might get lucky and spot some turtles or even whales! Look out for some amazingly intricate coral if you’re cruising along the west coast of Maui.

San Juan Islands, Washington

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago and a popular sailing destination located up north, close to mainland Canada. The islands are home to a variety of marine life including Southern resident orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, seals etc. Sailing enthusiasts can make plans all year-round, but those want to avoid chilly waters should plan out their trips before November or after early April.

Hudson River Valley, New York

The Hudson River is a splendid place to go sailing. It’s also ideal for a family trip where you can enjoy iconic New York City0 landmarks. Sailors should look out for the rocky Palisades and historical battle sights. And, an ideal time to go cruising would be from late April to October.

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin 

Cruisers will love the Apostle Islands located off the shore of the Bayfield Peninsula in Northern Wisconsin. The islands are an archipelago of 22 islands and ideal for an awesome sightseeing adventure where one can enjoy the serene landscape, diverse wildlife and stunning sea caves. The best time to go sailing from May to October.

Catalina Island, California

You will love this tropical island with palm trees, azure waters, as well as kayaking, snorkelling and paddling opportunities. Catalina Island is perfect for sailors with all levels of experience and has something interesting for everyone.

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