Advantages of Owning a Boat in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay California. Credit: MaxPixel

San Francisco is a hot spot for sailors with a unique sailing experience; the beauty of the bay, and the iconic architecture of the city. Whether you want your family to enjoy sailing together, have a relaxing time alone on the calm waters, or seeking a bit of thrill with some competitive sailing, here’s a quick roundup of the advantages of owning a boat in San Francisco.

Join the Fun Boating Community
You will find numerous boating clubs in and around the San Francisco Bay area; there are also several yacht clubs where you can meet the community just right for your lifestyle. It’s a wonderful way to make new social and business connections with plenty of weekend regattas, yacht club events, fun races, and sailing classes.

Numerous Boat Service Professionals
San Francisco has a plethora of yacht servicing professionals, which spells competitive prices and exceptional services for boat repair, maintenance, engine service, emergency haul-out facilities, and more. Boaters have the convenience of facilities and services at their doorstep, which makes owning a boat here a viable option.

Exploring San Francisco Bay
San Francisco boaters can enjoy the magnificent views, scenic harbours, and easy access to resorts and marinas. The river deltas are a refuge, and exploring the bay area with your friends and family can be rejuvenating. However, boaters will need to do their homework on the marine routes/maps and carry appropriate supplies.

Have a Blast Outside AT&T stadium
Enjoy a floating tailgate party right outside the iconic AT&T Stadium in McCovey Cove; a San Francisco tradition, boaters cannot miss out on. Join in and cheer with the crowd from the comfort of your deck.

Relax Whilst Boating
Boating has its thrills like paddling around the marina, toasting with friends on your deck, or enjoying maritime breezes. San Francisco’s yachting lifestyle is a great way to unwind and leave your stresses behind.

Escape Away From Home
Weekend trips away from traffic, shopping malls, or museums can be bliss when you have your own boat. So look forward to drifting around in the backdrop of mesmerizing views.

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