Enjoy a Safe Luxury Yachting Experience to Greece


Credit: Pixabay

Greece, with its dry Mediterranean climate, is ideal for chartering during non-winter months (April to November). It’s where International Yachting Company (IYC) first began, and guests can grab the opportunity to explore the magnificent islands and 9,000 miles of coastline. With its gorgeous anchorages, travellers would love to access the tucked-away coves by boat. 

With the global pandemic, the government enforced restrictions to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, there were very few coronavirus cases in Greece, and cruisers can take this opportunity to book a cruise or luxury yacht. For cruisers from the majority of European destinations, they will be able to visit without quarantine restrictions. Officials have hinted that US visitors may also be welcomed soon. Government spokesman Stelios Petsas reiterated Greece examining the resumption of flights from non-EU countries, such as the US. However, travel restrictions remain in place for most other travellers and countries of origin.

As guests move around the city, they can stand reassured about the measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus. Guests will find signs in restaurants and hotels that indicate if the establishments have undergone ‘COVID-19 training.’ They will also find hand sanitizer stations in public areas.

Extreme care has also been taken on yachts, which are a private oasis for charter guests. Earlier this year, IYC released the extensive cleaning techniques to ensure yachts remain a safe place for charter guests to relax. Each yacht is disinfected between groups on board, and the air is purified on many vessels. Several yachts use special air filters to reduce the spread of pathogens, as a machine called ‘the Ozone Generator’ can be taken room to room for extra sanitation.

Cruisers who are seeking for some sun-filled moments and spectacular natural landscape of Greece can explore islands and secret bays from the sanctity of the yacht. A few Greek spots to visit include Rineia (Mykonos – Cyclades), Seychelles Beach (Ikaria), and Agios Georgios Beach (Symi – Dodecanese Islands).

The months of July and August enjoy good weather, warm water, and fewer crowds. You can choose to ply by private air travel to minimize exposure to the virus throughout your entire vacation. Get ready to enjoy the warm and safe hospitality of Greece on your much-needed yachting vacation.

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