Cruise Industry Set for Comeback for 2021

cruise ships

Credit: Samson Bush/Pexels

It has been nearly three-quarters of a year that cruise ships have been idle at anchor. Most ships are visible of the city of Cape Canaveral, but big plans are in the making.

Cruise fans, especially Disney fans, are in for good news as one of their wishes just came true. Disney recently released a quick peek at one of their upcoming super-ships, the Disney Wish. The boat is scheduled to set sail in 2022, and the company in a promotion video showed off the ship’s interior design.

The digital clip was released on the Disney Parks YouTube channel, giving a sneak peek of a rendering of the boat’s main hall. As the camera pans around the room, a golden statue starts to appear in the middle, which is eventually revealed to be Cinderella. Aside from the statue, the Grand Hall also includes a massive winding staircase and ornate decorations. The boat inspired fairytale Cinderella castle will be powered by liquefied natural gas.

In the meantime, the cruise industry is planning its comeback in 2021, one that’s expected to start slowly.

Port Canaveral Chief Executive Officer Capt. John Murry stated that it may not be back the way it was for another two years. He added that it was not going to come back the way it shut down.

However, there’s high optimism as cruise fans still want to cruise.

A new report from a Cruise Industry Association highlighted that 66% of experienced cruise passengers were willing to cruise again within a year. Plus, the industry is spending $24 billion on new ships and has already made 200 safe voyages worldwide since last July.

None of those cruises were from Florida ports. The industry association highlighted that every day the suspension continues, it comes with the loss of 2,500 jobs. Cruise lines in the U.S. must meet rigorous new rules to keep cruise passengers safe and demonstrate their ability to comply by making practice cruises.

None of the cruise lines have announced a practice cruise from Port Canaveral. When the announcement does happen, the first passenger cruise could come 60 days later.

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