Exciting Destinations to Go Sightseeing from Your Sailboat

Sailing in Thailand

Sailing in Thailand. Credit: Pixabay

Cruisers love their leisure time, where they can unwind, rest, and rejuvenate. A great way to experience all of this is to buy a yacht and go sightseeing to some of the best places around the world. Here are some top destinations for you.

Sail around southern areas of Thailand

Cruise to Southern areas of Thailand, which have their culture and character intact. Enjoy your quiet time at locations such as Phuket, Kho Phangan, and Kho Samui. These are destinations have some stunning beaches like Kata Noi and Ya Nui near Phuket. Cruisers can revel at the pristine beaches with their turquoise waters and enjoy fresh local cuisine and drinks.

Visit Sicily

Sailors cannot miss a sailing trip exploring the most beautiful bays and waters at Sicily. A must-visit place for sailing is at Vulcano. To reach, one can start from the port of Santa Maria Maggiore, which is in Milazzo. After anchoring on the south coast, explore Mulberry Beach to enjoy a warm water dip. Don’t miss catching the breathtaking sites of the Saracen coast and Mount Etna.

Cruise around Crete

Yet another amazing place to go cruising is Crete, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. Cruisers can’t help but fall in love with the stunning island. So, get ready to discover the natural beauties as you sail through the azure Cretan Sea set amidst mountainous landscape and Mediterranean scenery.

Visit South Georgia Island – Southern Ocean

For cruisers who’d love to experience a chillier side while cruising, must explore South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean close to Antarctica. It is one of the best destinations in the world in terms of wildlife sightseeing. Get ready to be up close with penguins, rare sea birds, such as albatross, and fur seals. Plus, one can also get an opportunity to see all kinds of dolphins and whales, including blue whales.

Enjoy your sightseeing from your sailboat and have the greatest experience of your life!

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