Cruising for Disabled and Reduced Mobility Travellers

Deck of a Cruise Ship, Credit: Maxpixel

Cruising that embraces everyone, including individuals with a disability or limited mobility has its own beauty. Travelling for cruisers with reduced mobility can be stressful and challenging. However, many ships offer great options with accessible cabins and facilities.

The options are excellent for people with disabilities, who probably don’t consider the possibility of going on a cruise ship, simply because they believe it to be inaccessible. Here are some aspects to consider when cruising.

Accessible Ships

Accessible ships make it easy to navigate and enjoy all amenities. In this context, all Celebrity’s ships have accessible features that allow individuals with disabilities to move around the ship quickly. Plus, they can also enjoy all the activities and amenities offered onboard.

Credit: Pixabay

P&O has accessible cabins in all categories. In fact, for hearing-impaired passengers, P&O offers a limited number of specialized kits that contain a vibrating bed shaker, telephone handset amplifier, and more. Additionally, the elevator onboard is fitted with Braille buttons and voice synthesizers.

Princess Cruise offers wheelchair mobility and extensive mobility options for passengers. Moreover, ships such as Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend, Royal Caribbean International also have brilliantly accessible cabins.

Shore Excursions

Apart from accommodation, it is enjoyable for passengers to have an itinerary where the ship also docks if tendering is a concern. It is also great to include destinations that offer accessible tours and transport.

In this context, MSC Cruises’ accessible tours program allows individuals with limited mobility the opportunity to discover destinations without having to worry about restricted access.

What must such itinerary include? It must have routes that are step-free and accessible to wheelchairs, which can benefit disabled cruisers. Plus, accessible restrooms with wide doors and guides who are experienced in working with guests with limited mobility can be of great help.

Medical Assistance

Ships having a clinic onboard with a doctor and nurses on call 24 hours a day can be of great help. For instance, all Celebrity ships have this facility. Plus, the ship’s pharmacy is stocked with essential medications, including common remedies, seasickness medicine, aspirin, and more.

Ensuring that guests with disabilities have systems in place can help with a sensational cruising experience.

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