Pioneering Cruise Ships Scrapped in 2021

Grand Celebration, Rhodes 2012

Grand Celebration, Rhodes 2012. Credit: PD Photo

The cruising industry found some pioneering cruise ships reduced to scrap in 2021. As the industry scrambled to manage the COVID-19 surge, some classic ships ended up being beached and faced the dismantling process.

Grand Celebration

Capacity: 1,800 | Tonnage: 47,262 | Beaching Date: January 2021 | Year Built: 1987

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s 1987-built Grand Celebration was beached in January 2021, ending her cruise career. The 1,800-guest vessel was sold in November. It also sailed for IberoCruceros.

Ocean Dream

Capacity: 1,022 | Tonnage: 33,250 | Beaching Date: January 2021 | Year Built: 1981

The Ocean Dream was beached on New Year’s Eve, and with it ended its 38-year seagoing career. The last decade of the cruise ship’s sailing career was spent under the Japanese NGO Peace Boat. The vessel continued to conduct world voyages and short trips in Japan till the onset of the Covid pandemic and was stationed near Hiroshima when it retired.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo. Credit: HenSti/CC BY-SA 4.0

Capacity: 800 | Tonnage: 22,080 | Beaching Date: January 2021 | Year Built: 1965

Built in 1965, the ocean liner Marco Polo ended its oceangoing career in 2021. The cruise ship was auctioned in October, where the new owners planned to use the ship, transforming it into a permanent hotel as one of the options. However, the deal did not materialize, and the vessel ended up being sold to the Indian breakers in January 2021.


Capacity: 1,452 | Tonnage: 46,052 | Beaching Date: February 2021 | Year Built: 1985

The cruise line Magellan was beached in Alang, India, for scrapping earlier in February 2021. An English court auctioned the 1985-built cruise line built for Carnival Cruise Line in late 2020. It last sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages.


Capacity: 1,856 | Tonnage: 63,500 | Beaching Date: April 2021 | Year Built: 1988

Yet another cruise ship that headed to the scrapyard was Columbus, a former Cruise & Maritime Voyages vessel. Built in the late 1980s, the cruise line last sailed for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Ultimately, it was bought at an auction by Seajets for $5.3 million in October 2020 and later beached in India in April 2021.

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