All You Need to Know When Quarantined on a Cruise Ship

cruise ship passengers

Credit: Pixabay

The global pandemic has brought in new protocols for the safety of all cruisers. Let’s say, aboard a cruise ship, someone is detected (or tested positive for) coronavirus – what happens? What happens if someone is exposed? Would one have to be isolated or quarantined? Keep reading!

Here’s all you need to know about isolation and quarantine when you board a cruise ship.

At first, it’s good to know the subtle differences between the terms of isolation and quarantine. Isolation typically separates the ones who are sick with a contagious disease from those who aren’t. When it comes to quarantine it separates or restricts the movement of people who are exposed to a contagious disease to find out if they become sick.

During the pandemic, cruise ships have developed a contact tracing system that allows them to track who might have been exposed. So, if you are identified as close contact with someone who is an infected person for 15 minutes or more, you may be asked to stay in your cabin. The medical professional from the ship will test you, and the cruiser may be asked to stay in quarantine in the room depending on circumstances and the ship’s policies.

Cruisers who have to stay under quarantine, the crew will make sure that they are comfortable and entertained. One can enjoy free Wi-Fi, in-cabin movie rentals, complimentary room service, and more. The passengers will be permitted to leave their rooms if the results are negative. However, if they are positive, they might be given another test to rule out false-positive results.

It is good to plan and pack a few things in case one ends up quarantined or isolated – and, here are a few things that you may want to consider.

  • A preloaded tablet where cruisers can binge on movies or read books.
  • Portable games or deck of cards.
  • Packaged snacks for that small craving and eating between meals.
  • Extra clothing, if one is required to isolate for a few more days.
  • A work laptop (for those who work remotely).
  • Prescribed medicines in the case isolation extend.

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