New RS21 Promises More Exciting Keelboat-Racing Days Ahead



Are you a keelboat-racing lover? Then, England’s RS Sailboats, New RS21, which is aimed at bringing popularity back to keelboat racing, would definitely excite you. The brand new RS21 is simple, progressive, affordable, and with the evolved design, the boat looks promising enough to be the most exciting boat launch of 2018.

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Top Cruise Trip Secrets To Know Before You Sail


Going cruising for the first time? Wonderful!! Get ready to have the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise trip over mesmerizing waters can be a special experience. Are you feeling overwhelmed as a first-time cruiser? Then, keep reading to know some of the top cruise trip secrets that can help you have a great cruising time at sea.

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Sailing in rough weather

Credit: Creative Commons/Royal Navy

Credit: Creative Commons/Royal Navy

You are having a pleasant time on the sea and the sky is as clear as the waters below, but suddenly dark clouds appear and the peaceful silence is broken by the howls of the wind. The million dollar question now is how to reach safety or even how to survive if the sea gets too unruly.


First of all, if you are going deep into the sea, do take care to check the weather conditions from some reliable source, and if the weather is going to be difficult if possible delay the trip, otherwise be ready to bear the sea.

In a stormy weather the ship which will get the most affected is the empty one, the logic behind that is the weight of the ship helps it to remain stable. A good ballast offers stability to the ship even if it’s empty.

Credit: Creative Commons/Alvesgaspar

Credit: Creative Commons/Alvesgaspar

Shorten sail
In case of the wind being rough it is always a good idea to shorten the sail, in order to balance the boat in squalls. Shortening the sail will mean a decrease in speed, but the sense of safety will be a huge comfort.

Avoid Crashing
If everything fails and if you do find yourself in the teeth of the storm, take care to steer away from the objects you might crash into like a coastline, rocks or even another ship.

After the storm
After the storm has passed away, get everyone in warm clothes to avoid ill health conditions, and attend to the people who are injured. Also, investigate if the boat has suffered any damage and try to fix it as best as you can.

Deadly islands around the world

Sailors and wannabe globe trotters many a times get stuck on inhospitable islands which are inhabitable or are filled with wild animals. But, what if the island is beautiful and filled with nature’s bounty, but the people are as deadly as any wild animal? Here are some of the islands around the world where you have to write your will the first thing before venturing any further.

1) North Sentinel Island- India

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Hurricane Irene warns US boaters with its strength

Tropical Storm Irene 5-day forecast track. (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

The US coastal scene has witnessed the last few years of idle hurricane activity as the last one to hit the coast was Hurricane Ike in 2008. But 2011 is promising another picture altogether as Hurricane Irene plans to take a toll by approaching the coastline of USA. Continue reading