New RS21 Promises More Exciting Keelboat-Racing Days Ahead



Are you a keelboat-racing lover? Then, England’s RS Sailboats, New RS21, which is aimed at bringing popularity back to keelboat racing, would definitely excite you. The brand new RS21 is simple, progressive, affordable, and with the evolved design, the boat looks promising enough to be the most exciting boat launch of 2018.

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How to Enjoy Sailing in Winter Season?


Enjoying the prospect of long and cold winter months has never been so exhilarating. Whether it is embarking on some exciting winter racing, or just winterizing boats, as temperatures hit single-digits and you are wondering what to do, here are some fun ways of beating the winter blues?

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Why Sail in the Water When You can Fly Over it

'Fly on Water' Pushes Jimmy Spithill and Crew to the Brink

‘Fly on Water’ Pushes Jimmy Spithill and Crew to the Brink. Credit: YouTube

Gliding on the water at motorboat-like velocity can augment the thrills of sailing, and this feat can be achieved by sailing on the brand-new ‘foilers’ which are already a big hit among the sailors. Adventure-junkies and skippers can enjoy high-tailing towards distant shores with the new fleet of foilers, whose hulls reportedly hover in the air.
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24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race Set to Take Off in Wellington


Yachts. Credit: Public Domain/Airvideopl

Yacht race lovers will love the swiftly approaching 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race on Wellington Harbour. The yacht race is hosted by the Lowry Bay Yacht Club (LBYC) and will take place on April 8 and 9, 2017. LBYC is aiming to have a large fleet of yachts on the start line on the 8th April. Continue reading

Oman Sail’s GC32 Sultanate of Oman win first 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour event in Austria

Sail boats have long captured the imagination of teams working together for a common cause. A sailing event in Austria typically draws in worldwide attention on behalf of those making their name. Sail boats take the time to be compiled and launched for any major event. If they want to make a successful appearance, they need to take sailing seriously on behalf of those in effect. Leigh McMillan was a standout performer on behalf of those wanting to tour the area. The Sultanate of Oman emerged as a leading contender in the event behind his skill and dexterity at the helm. Continue reading