World’s Largest Cruise Ship to be Scrapped Before Maiden Voyage

World Dream cruise ship

World Dream cruise ship. Credit: Pixabay / Tama66

An unfinished mega-liner touted as one of the world’s most giant cruise ships is likely to be sold for scrap even before it could sail on its maiden voyage. The cruise ship Global Dream II was built by Dream Cruises and its sister vessel, Global Dream. The ship was expected to have a capacity to hold 9,000 passengers and over 2,000 crew. However, the mega-liner is currently sitting unfinished at a German shipyard. Continue reading

Insight on the Most Innovative Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

Updated Jun 2018

Incredible boat and yacht designs can be a wonderful inspiration on a sailing jaunt. To top it off, if the boat is an award winner with innovative side decks, outstanding ergonomics, cockpit coamings that can be converted into sunbeds, then it can be a pure delight for sailing-lovers. Continue reading

Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – For Adults Only

cruise ship

Credit: Pixy

Virgin Voyages, a partnership between Virgin Group and Bain Capital has just announced its first cruise ship sail and what we can expect from the duo venture. Founder Richard Branson, and President, and CEO Tom McAlpin came together to announce the development and details of the start-up cruise. Continue reading

Three best Luxury Cruise Ships in the World

Crystal Esprit

Crystal Esprit. Credit: Lindemann97 / CC BY-SA 4.0

A Cruise is a place to enjoy the sun and the sea and make precious memories with your friends or loved ones. Given below are three of the most lavish and popular cruise liners that will help you to have the best vacation of your life. Continue reading

Tips To Enjoy Your “At Sea Days” Fullest


Credit: Pixabay

Whether you decide to take a long cruise vacation or likely to have only a couple of days at sea while selecting a cruise you need to decide what is important to you or better said what are your likings. Likings mean – whether you would like to visit different places and halts there, or you prefer more stay at sea and enjoy it. Continue reading

Luxury Cruises around the World

The Enchanted Princess sitting at the dock.

The Enchanted Princess. Credit: Flickr/A Guy Named Nyal / CC BY-SA 2.0

A cruising vacation is a dream for many of us and to get the perfect cruise is like half the battle won, read on for some of the best cruising experiences that money can get.

1) Disney cruise line

The Disney cruise line is not just for the kids it has something for everyone in the family making it a perfect family cruise. The award-winning cruise has extravagant musical shows, a variety of dining options and the ultimate king-sized luxury suites.

The recreational pools named after famous Disney characters are great for splashing together with the family. The private island ‘Castaway Cay’ will give you the feel of the ‘rich and the famous’.

2) Princess cruise

The major advantage of this cruise line is the flexible itinerary that can suit your moods. It is ideal for tourists with disabilities, as wheelchair access is available. You can enjoy your favourite movies under the stars on the huge LED screens with complimentary popcorns. The travellers can also take pleasure in the glass-bottomed ‘SeaWalk’, which is about 28 feet further than the edges of the ship and enjoy magical views of the sea. The Princess cruise appeals to couples and families alike with its classy and budget cruises.

3) Celebrity cruise

Celebrity cruises are admired amongst the travellers for their posh designs and delicious cuisines. It was also the first cruise to grow grass, real grass on board, and also has a wonderful art collection.

The ‘AquaSpa’ services consist of some of the finest steam rooms at sea, which are well equipped with heated, lined recliners. Parents who have small kids will love the babysitting services that are provided.

The Deadly Fastnet Rock lighthouse

Fastnet Rock lighthouse

Fastnet Rock lighthouse. Credit: Richard Webb / CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the most feared legendary rocks, the Fastnet rock is a tiny islet in the Atlantic Ocean. The word ‘Fastnet’ comes from Old Norse for ‘sharp-tooth isle’.  It is also known as “Ireland’s Teardrop”  as it was the final piece of Ireland that the 19th-century Irish emigrants saw when they sailed for a new life in America. Continue reading