Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship – For Adults Only

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages, a partnership between Virgin Group and Bain Capital has just announced its first cruise ship sail and what we can expect from the duo venture. Founder Richard Branson, and President, and CEO Tom McAlpin came together to announce the development and details of the start-up cruise.

The duo arrived in typical Richard Branson flair, via a 200-foot crane drop. Recognising the partnership and construction of the cruise line, Richard Branson alongside Tom McAlpin appeared at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy where they announced that the expected cruise will be for adults only. The minimum age allowed for passengers on board would be 18 and over. To weld the ceremonial coins into the keel, they were joined by Alberto Maestrini from Fincantieri and Bain Capital chairman Stephen Pagliuca.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages

Holiday travelers with families can sail on the 2,860 passenger vessel which will not include children. When asked for clarification, the duo responded with the feedback from the public and travel sellers for a demand of an adult only cruise line.

McAlpin and Branson also revealed an artist’s drawing of the first Virgin ship’s exterior, which showcased the classic red and white logo with a mermaid inspired by historic vessels. The design for the ship would be unique and 86% of the cabins in the ship are said to include balconies. The three Virgin vessels, referred to as “Lady Ships” will debut in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The company is also said to be taking $500 deposit for access to an exclusive pre-sale booking period for the first ship, which is reportedly set to sail from Miami. For such an exciting new venture we can only say ‘Full Steam Ahead!’

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The Deadly Fastnet Rock lighthouse

Credit: Creative Commons/Richard Webb

Credit: Creative Commons/Richard Webb

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Southampton Boat Show 2012: Stage for The Megayacht Oyster 885

Southampton Boat Show in September this year will be a launching stage for Oyster 885, a classy megayacht.

Oyster 885, one of the most beautiful yachts, that flaunt a design by ‘Humphreys Yacht Design’ measures 88’10” (27.08-meter) including the bowsprit and 20’9″ (6.33-meter) beam. It has a split cockpit for dining, sundowners. The Oyster 885’s sail area with 140-percent foretriangle measures 4,823 square feet (448.03 square meters).

Apart from interior, the Oyster 855’s hull design enables it to enter the waves swiftly while its broad stern offers it a better stability. Bow and stern thrusters are also standard.

Those who will own this graceful yacht will appreciate the two crew cabins accompanied by a crew galley with mess and the availability of in-mast furling.

Following the famous Southampton boat show in September this year, the Oyster 885 will sail to the Caribbean for the winter season and then will proceed towards the Pacific.

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Freight container shipping rates drive down

The near future for container shipping remains unpromising as demand drives down by western buyers. The panic and fear of a second recession has made westerners wary causing the demand to drive down deeply. The US economy is in shambles and no immediate stimulus seems in sight to give it a boost. The picture of the European economy seems even bleaker than the US economy. The emerging nations provide a fair amount of demand for freight container shipping; however they alone are not enough to fulfil the gap left by the decreased demand from Europe and US. These new markets have fledged rapidly but the demand still remains nominal when compared to the earlier demands from Western countries. Container shipping rates from Shanghai to US fell almost by 40 percent.

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