Epiphany Superyacht Could be One of The World’s Largest Yacht

At 130 metres (426.5ft) long, if Epiphany was unveiled to sail in today’s date it would be the largest luxury superyacht, a floating palace with striking design, multiple cinemas, and a VIP lounge. Continue reading

Bugatti’s Luxury Yachts: The Cheapest Boat Starts at €2 Million

Recently, Bugatti, the maker of the world’s speediest, most teched-out sports cars and Palmer Johnson, a US-based luxury yacht manufacturer, have undertaken a massive joint venture to create the perfect high-class casual yacht. Continue reading

Sailboat-Plane Hybrid Rockets into 2012 Hoping to Break Speed Sailing Record

The Vestas Sailrocket 2, a hybrid boat/plane built by a team of naval architects, engineers and yachtsmen and women is planning to have its name etched in golden letters, by attempting to break the record for fastest sailing vessel on water. Continue reading

Boat Trader free iPad Application for Yacht Admirers

A new free iPad application has been launched by Boat Trader, a Dominion Marine Media business specialized in offering boat classified ads. It is superb news for boat admirers that are very much excited about upcoming launches as well as up-to-date events in the boating world. Continue reading

Riva 63 Virtus to Uncover its Latest Design in Early 2012

It’s wonderful to know that the wait will end soon for the biggest open sportscruisers Riva 63 Virtus, which will launch in early 2012.  This boat will be a strong challenge to large hard top sportscruisers trend. Continue reading

Blind Man Challenges the Seas on an Around-The-World Sail


Credit: Bobjgalindo / CC BY-SA 4.0

The heart-stirring story of Dennis Howard might inspire many other physically challenged people to face stimulating situations that otherwise they would have thought as impossible. Dennis had decided to sail the world in a 20-feet boat despite being legally blind. The 62-year old guy has sailed the waters of nearly all oceans until his eyes were blinded by glaucoma. Continue reading