Advantages of Owning a Boat in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay California. Credit: MaxPixel

San Francisco is a hot spot for sailors with a unique sailing experience; the beauty of the bay, and the iconic architecture of the city. Whether you want your family to enjoy sailing together, have a relaxing time alone on the calm waters, or seeking a bit of thrill with some competitive sailing, here’s a quick roundup of the advantages of owning a boat in San Francisco. Continue reading

All that You Need to Know About the Holiday Cruise

Holiday Cruise Credit: addesia / Pixabay

Holiday Cruise Credit: addesia / Pixabay

As the holiday season approaches some people to start their planning for elaborate family dinners, decorate homes, shovel snow, and do a lot of painstaking activities. However, some people just book an ocean cruise for a sunny vacation and have the most rocking time of their lives. So if you are of the second category, read on further to know all about it. Continue reading

Beijing Waterway Prepares to Welcome Luxury Yachts

After the agreement signed between the Beijing Jing Cheng River Basin Tourism Development Inc. and the Beijing Jing Cheng Long Mai Yacht Club Inc., a fleet of luxury yachts will be shuttled on the 10 km Kunyu River, which flows southward from the Summer Place into the city centre of Beijing. Continue reading

Island Packet Yachts Unveils a 40-foot Sailboat

Island Packet Yachts reveals its new performance cruising sailboats under the name Blue Jacket Yachts. The first sailboat in this series is the Blue Jacket 40 designed by Island Packet CEO and chief designer Bob Johnson along with former Tartan and C&C president and chief designer Tim Jacket.

Continue reading

Andreas L Charter Yacht: The Ferrari of the Sea

Updated May 2013

Luxury is infinite and it’s undying. Andreas L is an example of perpetual lavishness if you are looking for a charter yacht. Liveras Yachts, the maker of Andreas L, knows the latest demand in the charter market and creates innovative custom yachts. Continue reading

New Rainbow Warrior for Greenpeace Family

Rainbow Warrior-III

Rainbow Warrior-III. Credit: Chiswick Chap / CC BY-SA 3.0

On the 16th of August 2011, the second Rainbow Warrior retired from Greenpeace family, after 22 years of generous campaigning for environmental causes. This ship was the replacement of the original Rainbow Warrior which was bombed in 1985. Continue reading