Most Expensive sailboats in the world

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon. Credit: PD Photo

Sunny days won’t last long, soak up as much sun as you can, and the most adventurous way to do so is to board a ship and set sail. So start saving your money to make the voyage, so what they are a bit expensive, they are totally worth it.

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Lürssen 91m project ‘Orchid’ is Good to Go

Updated Nov 2015

This is one of the luxury yachts that have been designed in our lifetime. It is so elegant and beautifully designed. Shining in the shimmer of the afternoon sun and producing foams as she femininely floats the blue waters of the seas, she dwells with beautiful elegance. This is no ordinary sailboat; it is class and beauty in one. this is one of the luxury yachts of our century and wherever it is that you want to voyage and get away from the society to only be surrounded by waters, it so willingly allows you aboard and the journey that she will take you into the oceans is one that is luxurious and amazing like one you have never seen before. Continue reading

Sailing Reinstated For The Paralympic Games

Video added in Nov. 2016.

Some April Fools jokes are funnier than others. The latest offering from Scuttlebutt Sailing News goes into the “not at all funny” pile. The premise of the “joke” is that sailing has been reinstated for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and that new boats will be required for the event. Continue reading

Prada’s Luxury Yacht Sets Sail

Prada Challenge

Credit: Flickr / Yasuhiro Chatani / CC BY 2.0

For a 2013 historic sailing race – America’s Cup taking place in San Francisco, Miuccia PRADA and Patrioizo Bertelli look forward to investing € 40 million in the making of a luxury yacht. Continue reading

Multihull Solutions Catamarans Nominated for 2012 Boat of the Year

Video Updated Jan. 2018

For the prestigious 2013 Cruising World Boat of the Year Awards, Multihull Solutions’ four models have been nominated.

The event is hosted by Cruising World and Sailing World Magazines, which recognizes and honours the best new sailboat models introduced to the North American market. Continue reading

Luxury motor yacht Azimut Grande 140

The largest model of Azimut Grande 140, built by the Azimut-Benetti Group was unveiled at the Cannes Boat Show this year. The interior concept of the yacht was designed by the firm Redman-Whitley-Dixon while Stefano Righini designed the exterior of the yacht. Continue reading