Intrepid Up For Sale

Intrepid, a 36 -ft islander sailboat, that was once sailed around the world by Zach Sunderland, as a teenager is up for sale.

Mariner, a boating magazine in Marina del Rey, California has listed Intrepid at $59,000 in their July issue.

Sunderland made it to the title of being the youngest to sail solo around the world in 2009. He completed a 13-month tour around the world overcoming large freighters and even several possible pirates. On this voyage, he sailed around 28,000 nautical miles.

Aby, Sunderland’s sister tried to achieve a similar feat in 2010 but was discouraged when her mast was broken 2,000 miles west of Australia when she was already several months into her voyage.

Jessia Watson, stole the title from Zach when she finished a solo world voyage around the world at 16, in 2010.

The sale of Intrepid is being managed by Purcell Yachts, which is owned by Gerry Purcell.

Intrepid is fitted with costly equipment and necessities that you need to go around the world.

So Intrepid is now eager to take on the high seas once again.

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