2013 America’s Cup – Sailing Rehearsal

The best sailors of the world, take to the waters with the fastest sailboats, as rehearsals for the 2013 America’s Cup. This weekend, pins the second regatta of the America’s Cup World Series. It can be safely assumed that the AC45s on water this year, will be nothing as compared to the AC72s, that will be seen racing next year. Continue reading

Sailors fight tooth and nail to clinch the ISAF Nations Cup Grand title

Hundreds of world-class sailors have gathered from Tuesday, 13 to participate in the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Nations Cup Grand Final at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA which will host races in both open and womens categories. From 13-18 September, the final will see some tough competition between racers who have fought themselves through regional rounds that started in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on 24 March. Continue reading