Strong Action by EU on Somalia Coast

The EU counter-piracy operation will last until the end of the year 2014. The EU has decided to widen the scope of its naval operation in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. This will be done by extending the area of the naval forces that will comprise of the Somali coastal territory. Such a measure will allow theĀ  EU to take strong action on the Somali coast. The Save Our Seafarers (SOS) association has welcomed the extension of this anti-piracy operation. Continue reading

inReach satellite communicator – useful for sailors on a mission

The DeLorme two-way satellite communicator with global coverage that isn’t yet introduced in the market is winning awards and will soon be available online. The inReach satellite communicator is a small electronic device that procures its way in places where cell phones and one-way satellites fail to make their mark. Recognized by magazines like Outside Magazine and, the satellite communicator though targeted for the trekking industry is an apt device for sailors in distant seas where mobile coverage fails. Continue reading