The Dilbar – World’s Largest Yacht by Gross Tonnage and Volume

Lürssen a German shipbuilding company after a lot of secrecy in building and extensive sea trials finally delivered Project Omar to 62-year-old Alisher Usmanov, the Richest man in Russia whose net worth is US$13.4 billion as per Forbes 2015 report. Continue reading

Christina O –The Glamorous Super Yacht – Sign of Opulence in 1950’s is on Sale

Credit: M/Y Christina O

Credit: M/Y Christina O

Christina O a private superyacht that once belonged to billionaire Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. She ranked 31st among the top 100 largest yachts in the world as of the year 2013. Continue reading

Kilkea a Yacht Can Take You Anywhere in the World

Kilkea Yacht

Credit: Edmiston

A new superyacht is coming to the sailing block in our near. For those of us out there that has aspirations to cross oceans and see the world but want more comfort than even the largest sailboats can accomplish. Kilkea is the answer to your travel dreams.

Kilkea is the name of a new luxury yacht under construction that will give the owner the ability to travel to all corners of the world. The yacht is currently quoted at $62 million total but the amenities are endless. Constructed from a container, it uses thick steel for the hull and it is able to withstand any weather, including lightly icy waters, which opens a door into a whole new era of personal comfort travel.

Providing enough facilities on board to last a comfortable full month at sea. This yacht can truly travel the entire world. The overall size of the vessel is planned at 270 feet categorising it as a super yacht, but the engine design allows for very low fuel consumption and is truly ground breaking. You won’t fall short on speed, though the travel speeds are planned to set at around 12 knots (22kph) with a vMax at 15.4 knots (28.5kph). Adding a plus to the more environmentally conscious buyers its carbon footprint is minuscule in comparison to it’s lower luxury yacht designs.

What better way to discover all the corners of the globe than in this “floating resort”, capable of accommodating up to 36 guests. This sailing gem is also planned to include an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, helipad and hangar, and even an onboard football pitch. Of course for the owner who wants to customise their comfort optional extras are available. They include an underwater observation deck and even a submarine bay. This luxury yacht really has any and all things you could possibly need while out in the open water.

Epiphany Superyacht Could be One of The World’s Largest Yacht

At 130 metres (426.5ft) long, if Epiphany was unveiled to sail in today’s date it would be the largest luxury superyacht, a floating palace with striking design, multiple cinemas, and a VIP lounge. Continue reading

Azamanta – Superfast Yacht That Can Cut Through Icy Waters

Credit: Superyacht Azamanta by Dick Holthuis

Credit: Superyacht Azamanta by Dick Holthuis

Heesen Yachts has successfully delivered the world’s first Fast Displacement steel-hulled yacht over 50 metres – the 180-foot Azamanta. Before the announcement was made, the 55 metre superyacht developed by Van Oossanen in collaboration with Heesen Yachts, underwent intensive sea trials in the North Sea. Continue reading

Modern super yacht upon the waters

Credit: Omega Architects

Credit: Omega Architects

Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly is a sail boat of its own kind. Ever imagined a beautiful and large luxury yacht floating so comfortably on the deep waters of the oceans? How about one that voyages for a long distance with ease and speed? Well this is the generation that has lived to see the coming up of such yacht. Very elegant and massive, Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly has a very large exterior. What this means is that the outside make of the yacht is very big and when one comes out and basks in the mid-ocean sun, they would feel like they actually are settled on their very own compound except that now they are surrounded by mass of water. The inside part of Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly superyacht as well is very comfortable and spacious. It allows for normal family living and can accommodate you for as long as you are sailing on the water. It looks like a house as it is divided into rooms where you can have a living room, a kitchen and bedrooms.

Continue reading

The Ganesha Sailing Experience

The superyacht Ganesha is spectacular. She was built by Dutch shipyard Vitters with smooth lines, a slender silhouette and superior performance. She is a racing yacht with elegance and comfort. The Ganesha is 46 metres and is built to achieve performance at new and higher levels. Combining performance and efficiency with luxury comfort, the Ganesha is an ideal home on the seas. The Vitters have elevated the Ganesha in terms of yacht design for sailing and racing as well as superb interiors. What is dazzling and amazing is that the Ganesha can change from a comfortable family living vessel into a high-performance sailing vessel within seven minutes.  Continue reading

It’s a Superyacht…It’s a Plane…It’s Helicopter!



They continue to grow in size and elegance with features that the average man or woman in the street could just dream of. The yacht has certainly evolved through the years with limitations only restricted to your imagination. Many yachts are equipped with everything from submarines to swimming pools to helipads. If Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin has anything to do with it the best is yet to come. Based on designs already on the table the new yacht will be part of the marine and the aviation industry. Although the concept is still sitting on the table, Klyukin has great expectations that it will eventually become a reality.  Continue reading