World’s Most Expensive Yachts


To own a yacht is a sign of being wealthy and that’s to owning a superyacht is that of being super rich. Today’s yachts are equipped with ultra modern gadgets, bars, swimming pool, hot tubs, classy luxurious ambience and design and many more that even a seven-star hotel will not have to offer. Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz Style Unveils Luxury Motor Yacht – A Silver Arrow of the seas

Arrow460 - Granturismo, A Silver Arrow of the seas

Credit: Mercedes Benz Style

Arrow460 – Granturismo is the luxury motor yacht called as “A Silver Arrow of the seas”. Mercedes Benz Style and Silver Arrow Marine are the project partners in designing this yacht which has fascinating elegance, luxury, speed and last but not the least safety. Continue reading

Canados’ new Oceanic Yachts 76 line sold

Canados Oceanic Yachts 76 line

Credit: Canados

The Italian shipyard Canados announced the sale of its Oceanic Yachts 76 line, even before its official presentation. The Oceanic range, a luxury yacht range was initiated and designed in 2013 with the objective of offering high performance and low fuel consumption. Continue reading

The Rise of Admiral X Force Mega-yacht



The new Admiral X-force 145 mega-yacht has features like no other. It owes a good many number of comforting features that run up to 465 feet in length. This mega-yacht has been furnished and designed with the best chandeliers and marble floor from reputable manufacturing companies. This boat offers amazing features such as swimming pools with bi-level areas, two huge movie theaters and a fully equipped gym for people on board to use. The price estimate for this mega-yacht is expected to be about one million US dollars. If completed by 2018, the Admiral X-force 145 mega yacht will be the most expensive yacht in the market. Continue reading

Beijing Waterway Prepares to Welcome Luxury Yachts

Subsequent to the agreement signed between the Beijing Jing Cheng River Basin Tourism Development Inc. and the Beijing Jing Cheng Long Mai Yacht Club Inc., a fleet of luxury yachts will be shuttled on the 10 km Kunyu River, which flows southward from the Summer Place into the city centre of Beijing. Continue reading